Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Dinosaur Character Designs Part 1!

Hey everyone!

Haven't posted any artwork in so long mainly because of the fact that I've been travelling across America and enjoying a bit of time off before getting back to work again! :)

A while ago I drew a load of designers for some dinosaurs in my spare time! This was around the time of Jurassic Worlds release so I was in the drawing dinosaur mood!  ROAR!

Watch this place as there are more bits of my own illustrations and designs coming very soon! :)

Monday, 6 July 2015

Few drawings from my sketchbook!

Hey guys!!

I have loads of sketches in my sketchbook that I can't wait to colour up digitally! Here are a few that I'm in the process of lining up in my spare time :)

T Rex Character Design

Young Dinosaur Character Design

Shark Character Design

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Mr Bean 2nd Animated Series 2015 - Episode 1 - 11 Backgrounds , Character Turnarounds & Props


A few months back the 1st 11 episodes of the new Mr Bean Animated Series were broadcast to the public. Now that they've been released I can now upload some of the artwork I did at the start of production. When I 1st joined the design team my job was to help out different teams by creating new backgrounds , creating character turnarounds and designing new props. These were created in Adobe Illustrator and later built as actors in Cel Action. The backgrounds were based on either existing stock backgrounds from the 1st series or were drawn from different angles of the backgrounds which were created for the design packs. These design packs were put together by the art directors.

I don't have much to show as of yet because future episodes haven't been released.Sooooooo...... I guess this is a little bit of a teaser!!! I feel my best stuff I did on Bean was done for the next load of episodes! More coming soon!

Mrs Wickets Living Room

Mrs Wickets living room features a lot in the series and because of this I was asked to create a four wall view of her living room. This way we could know the exact position of each element within the background and could create different angles of the living room from using this as a reference.

Piano Wall Black Line ( View A )

Piano Wall Coloured Line ( View A )

Kitchen Door Wall Black Line ( View B )

Kitchen Door Wall Coloured Line ( View B )

Fireplace Wall Black Line ( View C )

Fireplace Wall Coloured Line ( View C )

Window Wall Black Line ( View D )

Window Wall Coloured Line ( View D )

Daffodil Front Gate Logo Design

One of the 1st things I was asked to design on the series was to create a logo for the front gate to Beans house. I was told to include daffodils in the designs so I tried out a few different shapes and styles to choose from. The final design was then also used on the doorbell to Beans house.

Episode 53

 'Home Movie'

 " Mr. Bean attempts to make his own home movie - a horror thriller with Mrs Wicket as the star"


Mrs Wickets Kitchen

Cinema ( Based on Series 1 Background )

Teddy's Grave

Low Angle Shot Of Beans House ( Night )

Low Angle Shot Of Beans House ( Day )

Low Angle Shot Of Beans House ( Dusk )

Beans Front Garden Side View ( Stock recolor )


 End Card

Character/ Character Turnarounds

At some point in this episode Bean becomes Count Beanula and Teddy wears a skeleton costume. Throughout the new series I was asked to put together character turnarounds for reference when the character had to be built in Cel Action. Here are the turnarounds for both of these characters.

Count Beanula

Skeleton Teddy ( White ) 

Skeleton Teddy ( Green Glow ) 

Still illustrator artwork of screaming twins ( Based on series 1 )

Episode 55

 'The Cruise'

" Bean wins two tickets for an exotic cruise and takes Teddy along for the trip of a life time. While showing off to a new friend, Bean goes overboard and is stranded on a desert island."

Character Turnarounds

Cruise Steward  


Episode 56

 'Coconut Shy'

" Mr Bean has to buy a cup for teddy, but he has no money. So he goes to the funfair where he can win a free female teddy bear with a £10 bill on it. In here, Bean joins a "Coconut Shy" in which the mechanics of the game is to hit the coconut with the tennis ball-sized ball. But after Bean fails to beat the coconut, he sneaks inside and finds it was a cheat — the coconut is permanently embed in the tripod. Thus, the angry owner pursues Bean around the funfair — via a horror ride, a roller coaster, a cotton candy shop, and finally a helter skelter ride, which is ends up an owner being thrown and lands into his own kiosk. Bean obtains the female teddy bear and buys two cups for Teddy and the female Teddy.


Funfair View A

Funfair View A (Alternative Version)

Funfair View B ( Panning Shot )

 Panning Street to Funfair

Rollercoaster Wide Shot

Inside Tent

Episode 58

 'Cash Machine'

 " Mr. Bean wants to buy a cake but his wallet is empty, so he has credit a credit card. As he withdraw in the cash dispenser, his credit card is decline and it gets stuck. Bean steals the repair tools from the repairman's truck to try to retrieve his credit card. As Bean doing it, the cash dispenser alarm sounds off. Bean manage to hide inside the cash dispenser before the police officers find him. Bean accidentally falls into the vault and found his credit card. Bean escapes as the police officers raid the vault and he simply gets out from the cash dispenser. Bean tries his credit card again and only to realize that his pin number is upside down (initially, he saw the number is "1861" in upside down and the correct is "1981"), that's why the machine gives an error on him. Bean successfully withdraws the money and finally he buys a cupcake. As Bean drives back home, the police officers mistakenly suspect and arrest the repairman. "



Close Up Of Pile Of Credit Cards
( I put a few friends / families names in here )

Outside Bank

Character Turnarounds

Bank Manager


Business Lady

Old Lady

Episode 60

 'Rat Trap'

 " Bean has to deal with an unwanted house guest but the stubborn rat refuses to leave. The only idea to leave the rat is he will do like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, only he surrounded and pursued by the herd of rats. "


Beans Bedroom Lights On (STOCK RECOLOUR)

Beans Bedroom Lights Off (STOCK RECOLOUR)

Beans Bedroom Lightening (STOCK RECOLOUR)

Kitchen Cooker

Beans House Front Exterior Night (Stock Recolour)

Bedside Table Lights On

Bedside Table Lights Off

Bedside Table Lightening

Hallway Night (Stock Recolour)

Beans Background Night (Stock Recolour) 

Fireplace CU

Top Of Stairs (Beans House)

Outside Beans Flat

Beans Street Night A (Extended Stock Background)

Beans Street Night B (STOCK RECOLOUR)

Character Turnaround

Rat Turnaround


The Pied Piper Book Cover

Episode 63

 'Flat Pack'

 " Bean's bookcase is crumbled, so he will buys a new one in the hardware store. Only he buys a pieces of bookcase to be assembled by him. Bean assembles it but fails miserably - a screw is missing. So, he goes back to the hardware to steal a screw. Finally, he joyfully assembles the bookcase."


Bottom Of Elevator

Character Turnaround



Episode 64

 'Holiday For Teddy'

" Mr Bean decides to take Teddy on holiday to the seaside - but a spoilt little girl wants Teddy all to herself. "

Character Turnaround

Ginger Dad


Dodgem Turnaround