Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mr Bean 2nd Animated Series 2015 - Episode 12 - 22 Backgrounds , Character Turnarounds & Props

The 2nd batch of episodes for the new Mr Bean Animated Series were aired on CITV last week!! If you had the chance to see them I hope you all enjoyed them!!

Now that the 2nd batch is online I can now upload just a few images of some of the work I did for these episodes! Most of the work I produced on the show were building props , characters , backgrounds and also putting together layout.So I only have a few bits of artwork to show.These are some of my favourite episodes I worked on during my time on Mr Bean!


Episode 71

 'Car Wars'

"The mystery driver of the Reliant Supervan becomes obsessed with revenge after yet another run-in with Mr. Bean of the usual kind."


Inside the Blue Robin Reliant (Lights On)

Inside the Blue Robin Reliant (Lights Off)

Episode Still : Inside the Blue Robin Reliant 
 (This was created using a mask effect)

High Angle View Of Narrow Street

High Angle View Of Narrow Street

                                           Episode Still :High Angle View Of Narrow Street

View Down Road Left

View Down Road Right

Episode Still : Junction

Closed Road 

Episode still : Closed Road

Mini Interior - Gear Stick

Episode Still : Mini Interior - Gear Stick

Mini Interior - Pedals

Episode Still : Mini Interior - Pedals

Outside Shops 

Episode 69 

 'Back To School'

 "Mr Bean inadvertently becomes a teacher - but can he control the unruly class?"

Character Turnarounds

Teacher 1


    Dave Head Turnaround



Mr Bean In Mask


Teacher 2


 Sticky Tape A

 Sticky Tape B

 Sticky Tape C

Episode 68 

 'Scout Bean'

"Mr Bean becomes scoutmaster for the day, but his obsession with badge collecting does not win him any friends."


Beans Bed Close up

Street By Park

Beans Tent

Camp Sight Wide

Irmas Tent

Morning-  Bird In The Tree 

Scout Tents Night

Scout Tents Dusk

Scout Tents Morning

Scout Camp Entrance Pan

Character Turnarounds

Scout Leader


Episode 75

 'Jurassic Bean'

"Mr Bean goes in search of wildlife, but he is not expecting to see anything prehistoric!"


Forest View A

Forest View B

Character Turnarounds

T Rex 

Episode 76

 'Caring Bean'

"Mrs Wicket is injured and Mr Bean has to look after her - then her demands start to become a pain."


Remote Control Armchair

Episode still : Remote control armchair in action

Episode still : Remote control armchair in action

Remote Control Car Turnaround

Episode 78

 'Taxi Bean'

"Mr Bean takes a taxi to his local toy shop, but a dodgy cabbie thinks he can take Bean for a ride. After a mix-up Mr Bean finds himself driving the taxi"


Petrol Station View A

Episode still : Petrol Station View A

Episode still : Petrol Station View A

Petrol Station View B

Episode still : Petrol Station View B

Low Angle Shot Of Palace

Episode still : Low Angle Shot Of Palace

Character Turnarounds

Taxi Driver

American Tourist

Old Man


Wheelie Suitcase

Episode 67

 'Super Spy'

"Mr Bean is obsessed by his TV hero Super Spy and is excited when his very own Super Spy kit arrives in the post."


Barn Window View A

View From Beans Window Of The Kidnapping

Stock Background Recolour : Police Station Night

Barn Window View B

Character Turnarounds

Bruiser Nan

Super Spy

Police Lady

Police Man 1

Police Man 2


Wheel Chair Turnaround

Episode 66

 'Viral Bean'

"Mr Bean is trying to find a nice quiet place to read his book so he sets off for the library. There he is distracted by some funny online videos on the library computer. Before he knows it, Mr Bean is recording his own video, which is uploaded for everyone to see. Things start to go crazy when people check it out and his popularity takes off. Will he enjoy being in the public eye and how long will his celebrity last?"

Character Turnarounds

Maitre D

Episode 72 

 'Wedding Day'

" Mr Bean has to get the bride to the church on time - any way he can!"

Character Turnarounds

The Bride

Episode 73

 'Bean Phone'

"Mr Bean wants a smart phone but they are too expensive - especially when you can build your own!"

Character Turnarounds

Dog Owner

Phone Shop Man

Posh Lady

Bus Stop Man

Bus Stop Women


Umbrella Turn